About Spinning Lights
and "video feedback"...

How long has Spinning Lights been on the air?
Spinning Lights has been airing weekly in Manhattan since September 1997. It currently can be seen EARLY Saturdays, (12:30AM Sarturday) on channel 56 (Time Warner cable) or on RCN cable channel 111. At the time of this writing, 133 different shows have aired.

What is Spinning Lights?

Most of t
he show's images are created with a process known as video feedback.
The music for the show is mostly ambient and/or minimalist derived styles which I create myself with a couple of music recording and midi sound programs,
microphones and a synthesizer.

Spinning Lights is produced, directed, edited, and performed by Joel Cadman.
Video feedback is simply the result of pointing a video camera at a TV that is showing the image captured on the camera. The result is the product of physics, mathematics optics and electronics which mirror the patterns, structures and patterns of movement found throughout nature. (see diagram)
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